WHEREAS the National Hockey Association (NHA) was formed on December 3, 1909;

AND WHEREAS the NHA, financially backed by the O'Brien Family of Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, owned four of the five original teams; Renfrew, Halibury, Cobalt and 'Les Canadiens' of Montreal;

AND WHEREAS the significance of the "O'Brien Cup" emblematic of the NHA supremacy, and its relationship to the Stanley Cup is documented in the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Ontario, Canada;

AND WHEREAS all the articles and books written on hockey's history, supported by the research of the authors, there can be no disputing the roles played by Senator Michael J. O'Brien and his son Ambrose, who is an honoured member of the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame in the 'Builder' category;

AND WHEREAS with the support of the Renfrew & Area Chamber of Commerce, the Birthplace of the NHA/NHL Committee and the Town of Renfrew;

NOW THEREFORE be it proclaimed:

"Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, was the place where the Honourable M. J. O'Brien lived all of his adult life, and due to his initiative, influence, resources and the organizational skills of his son Ambrose, the National Hockey Association (1909-1917), later to become the National Hockey League (1917) was born."

Proclaimed and signed this 10th day of June, 2002, in the Town of Renfrew, Ontario, Canada.

Sandra J. Heins



On April 5th, 2016, The Stanley Cup was brought to Renfrew and sat beside The O'Brien Cup for the first time.

The historic event was celebrated with a parade down main street with full media coverage as thousands of fans from far and wide came to get their picture taken with the iconic trophies during this historic event.